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Ad-hoc or all year-round maintenance activities ensure the durability and the embellishment of your garden.

Garden maintenance entails some specific jargon: pruning, trimming, cutting, mowing, felling, weeding, hoeing, amending, treating, watering, raking….and a lot more!

But, let us talk about your garden:

Does it have a casual relaxed style or is it meticulously manicured?                                                              

Each to their own style, but always well maintained!

Is it a bit crazy or just plain?

Each to their own way, but always elegant!

Is it exuberant or discrete?

Each of us to our own desire!

Lastly, the maintenance of a garden cannot be summarised into an exhaustive list of work. It involves choosing the right tools, equipment and supplies that are adapted to the specific task at hand.

It is an expertise acquired through experience and by keeping our skills continuously up to date.

It is possibly also a matter of “savoir-vivre”.