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Landscaping and Earth Levelling


Landscaping is a passionate art!

Landscaping enables the modelling of existing land by creating a new relief which becomes the skeleton structure of the future garden.

Landscaping creates the spaces which will determine the style of the garden: the softness and roundness of a landscape garden or the rigorous lines that are typical of a modern garden.


Digging and levelling:

These will be carried out as much as possible according to the landscaping plan, in order to shape the volumes and curves of the project.

Planting beds:

The creation of a planting bed entails the cultivation of the soil to facilitate the planting process.

The thorough  loosening of the earth deeply under the beds will help the roots of plants to penetrate better into the soil.

Digging passage ways:

The tracing of the passage must be very precise to use the least material possible in the formation of the ground surface and hence limit the pollution of arable land with bank gravel.

The depth of the excavations will be adapted to the type of path chosen and its function (footpath, driveway).


This concerns all the construction works that need to be anchored to the earth: stairs, supporting walls, low walls…, for which foundation work has to be carried out.


Their function is to assemble all the different underground supply networks necessary to the garden.