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Watering System

Watering system

Plants cannot grow without water. The development of a garden cannot be conceived without the planning of a watering system.

What is the function of a watering system?

First of all, in our climate it serves the purpose of relieving you from an almost daily chore in summer, but it also helps you to save water.

For each garden, we carry out a study, where every part of the garden is virtually divided into several sectors. This is done, because we understand the watering needs for different kinds of plants.

Likewise, we do not use the same type of equipment when watering turf, flowerbeds or hedges, to ensure that only the required amount of water is consumed by the plants.

The watering program can be adjusted according to the needs of each sector: the watering days, frequency and duration. Once these settings are set, you will not need to worry about watering anymore. If you need to leave on vacation, you can leave without any worry.

If you would like to take full advantage of your garden, contact us and we will give you advice, and carry out a study according to the ground-plan that you provide us with.

A detailed quotation will be issued and following your confirmation, we will take charge of the project.