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To construct your villa, you have sought professional advice: an architect to draw your plans and a builder to carry out your project.

The garden is the last space that requires planning on your property. It also calls for professionals who know how to exploit and develop this space.

The landscape design is carried out by our design team or in collaboration with landscape architectural firms, depending on the size of the project, and always keeping in mind the wishes of the client, as well as the specific constraints of a garden.


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Flat plots of land are rare in our region, so it is necessary to carry out masonry landscaping works in order to give them shape and form.

Whether it requieres creating low walls, strairs, paving, footpaths or fencing,we will be able to suggest the best solution as well as the adequate materials to use.


Landscaping is a passionate art!

Landscaping enables the modelling of existing land by creating a new relief which becomes the skeleton structure of the future garden.

Landscaping creates the spaces which will determine the style of the garden: the softness and roundness of a landscape garden or the rigorous lines that are typical of a modern garden.


Digging and levelling:

These will be carried out as much as possible according to the landscaping plan, in order to shape the volumes and curves of the project.

Planting beds:

The creation of a planting bed entails the cultivation of the soil to facilitate the planting process.

The thorough  loosening of the earth deeply under the beds will help the roots of plants to penetrate better into the soil.

Digging passage ways:

The tracing of the passage must be very precise to use the least material possible in the formation of the ground surface and hence limit the pollution of arable land with bank gravel.

The depth of the excavations will be adapted to the type of path chosen and its function (footpath, driveway).


This concerns all the construction works that need to be anchored to the earth: stairs, supporting walls, low walls…, for which foundation work has to be carried out.


Their function is to assemble all the different underground supply networks necessary to the garden.


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The advantage of sodding over sowing a lawn is that your project will be finished quicker. You can benefit and enjoy your garden immediately without having to wait.


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Ad-hoc or all year-round maintenance activities ensure the durability and the embellishment of your garden.

Garden maintenance entails some specific jargon: pruning, trimming, cutting, mowing, felling, weeding, hoeing, amending, treating, watering, raking….and a lot more!

But, let us talk about your garden:

Does it have a casual relaxed style or is it meticulously manicured?

Each to their own style, but always well maintained!

Is it a bit crazy or just plain?

Each to their own way, but always elegant!

Is it exuberant or discrete?

Each of us to our own desire!

Lastly, the maintenance of a garden cannot be summarised into an exhaustive list of work. It involves choosing the right tools, equipment and supplies that are adapted to the specific task at hand.

It is an expertise acquired through experience and by keeping our skills continuously up to date.

It is possibly also a matter of “savoir-vivre”.


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Plants cannot grow without water. The development of a garden cannot be conceived without the planning of a watering system.

What is the function of a watering system?

First of all, in our climate it serves the purpose of relieving you from an almost daily chore in summer, but it also helps you to save water.

For each garden, we carry out a study, where every part of the garden is virtually divided into several sectors. This is done, because we understand the watering needs for different kinds of plants.

Likewise, we do not use the same type of equipment when watering turf, flowerbeds or hedges, to ensure that only the required amount of water is consumed by the plants.

The watering program can be adjusted according to the needs of each sector: the watering days, frequency and duration. Once these settings are set, you will not need to worry about watering anymore. If you need to leave on vacation, you can leave without any worry.

If you would like to take full advantage of your garden, contact us and we will give you advice, and carry out a study according to the ground-plan that you provide us with.

A detailed quotation will be issued and following your confirmation, we will take charge of the project.


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Gardening and planting go hand in hand. In the project we do not only take into consideration the client’s wishes, but also the characteristics of the site (risk of frost, wind, direct sunlight).

The choice of plants is carried out in consultation with the client. We have modern equipment at our disposal, enabling us to do a good preparation of the soil, whether it is to plant large trees or small plants.

In our region we are very lucky! We can plant almost all year round.


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Need to stay fresh and cool!! What about a fountain, a pond….?

We are here to give you advice.


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Clearing and brushing around your house is mandatory as established by article 32 of the French Act “Orientation sur la Forêt”.

It is part of the plan for the prevention of the foreseeable natural risks with regards to forest fires.

Clearing the undergrowth protects your home and prevents the spread of accidental fires.

On a private land that has been cleared, fire can also spare some trees on your property.

Clearing and brushing help develop your forest, improve the visual aspect and allows you to benefit fully from accessible undergrowth of the woods.


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